Prosciutto IL SUAVIS with bone gently smoked


  • Guaranteed min. weight 9.7 kg.
  • Aging 18 mesi
  • Smoked product
  • Best before 6 months

Gently smoked whole ham on the bone without foot.

Ideal for the cut by hand with knife.

Ham Suavis is obtained only with the use of fresh legs of heavy pigs born and raised in Italy whose process phases in the salting, curing, light smoking and aging.

The smoking process is carried out very mild and gentle with beech wood, flavored with juniper berries that add a pleasant scent and aroma as well as define ‘gently smoked’.

It looks to cut with a pinkish-red color with streaks of white fat and rosy.

It ‘a ham so natural that as ingredients exclusively the pork leg without foot and the sea salt and is free from any additives, nitrates, nitrites and gluten, so it is also suitable for celiac patients.